Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 2010

I need to start updating this sewing blog more often. I sometimes remember to take pictures of the things I make. But, I often forget to save them and upload them here. Below are a few things I have completed this month. Lots more I've been working on and have completed.

In the last Sew Beautiful issue, there was a free pattern given for the cutest little swimsuit. I HAD to make it! I have to be honest: I dropped everything else I was doing to make this swimsuit. My friend Meredith loves my sewing. She's always so sweet and often asks me to applique, monogram or make something for her little girl or for a gift. People like her make me feel SO good! She appreciates the little things I do. Claire (her little girl) turned 2 this year. I was at a loss with what to give her. Well, either 2 or 3 months AFTER her party, I made this little number. Sad, huh? I will give gifts....sometimes they're very late, sometimes on time and sometimes early. This one was very late. Anyway, Claire was modeling for me. I think she really liked the suit. I made it big so that she could grow into it. I know that next summer she will probably swim more than this summer so I made a size 3. I'll have to adjust the elastic.
But, I just LOVE making things for people who love them!
Doing some ballet...

Here's a baby gift I made for a newborn.
So I have made more stuff. Maybe I'll get on here and upload them one day.
I'm also working on 3 outfits now. Two bubbles and a jon jon. I absolutely despise cutting things out. When it's time, I cut out as much as I can at once one night, then start assembling over a few other nights.

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  1. That swimsuit is beyond fabulous! I love the color and ruffles!