Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December 09 Projects

You know how the holidays seem to make your life busier than usual? I fell into that crack last month. Here are a few things I made of which I took photos. Others didn't get photographed (not that there was much).
The below little outfit is for Troy. The bottoms have a tiger paw on the REAR. he, he.
Also for Troy. Because Brian loves snowmen and boys need to be like their daddys, right?
So this may be my favorite applique of all times. I should have rotated the photo. Oh well. Isn't it so boy-ish?

Here's the rest of the outfit. It's is corduroy. I revised the pattern a bit. I was in a pickle because I purchased and cut out the fabric to make Troy another smocked outfit. Right after Thanksgiving, I realized I wouldn't be able to finish the picture smocking so I debated about what to do with the cut out fabric. I decided to piece the smocking pattern together, make a panel on the top of the outfit and I came up with this. Adding a little piping made it look intentional, right? I'm very happy with the outcome. I went to the fabric store and bought enough fabric to make an outfit with the smocking for Troy for next Christmas. Seeing that it is January, surely I can finish the smocking by this Thanksgiving (that gives me roughly 11 months).
Now...I have the sewing bug! I've got a couple of projects up my sleeve but am contemplating about other things to do. Maybe an applique for St. Patrick's Day for T-man. But, he has SO many clothes I don't want to over-do it.

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